Target date of publication - Winter 2021


The SEC Implementation Plan's effort is to synthesize service and infrastructure recommendations from the study efforts listed below:


  • Southeast High Speed Rail Program National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

  • Southeast Corridor Economic Benefits Study (underway)

  • FRA Southeast Regional Rail Planning Study 

  • North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Incremental Service Development Plan (underway)

  • Transforming Rail in Virginia (underway)


The Plan will ensure consistency, and convey priorities and actionable next steps to
advance high-performance passenger rail in the corridor. Noting the various stages of development for each section, from feasibility through NEPA, engineering, property acquisition, and construction, with recommendations for Federal grant funding possibilities.

Another objective is to recommend best practices for implementation that can be replicated throughout the Southeast to develop an integrated passenger rail transportation solution for the region. Taking into account changes in the rail industry and changes regarding track ownership/operations, especially the Transforming Rail in Virginia Initiative and other far-reaching agreements with host railroads that will shape project implementation.