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The Southeast Corridor: Connecting Communities, Enhancing Economies
November 2020
The Southeast Corridor is an improved rail network that will expand the use of passenger and freight rail by providing a high performing, efficient, and reliable multi-modal corridor. The S-Line is part of this regional vision for rail, serving both passengers and freight to meet the needs of a changing economy. As part of the Southeast Corridor, the S-Line will connect rural and urban North Carolina communities with cities throughout the southeast and to the heavily-traveled Northeast Corridor.
Julie White, NCDOT Deputy Secretary of Multi-Modal Transportation
Jason Orthner, NCDOT Rail Director
Transforming Rail in Virginia
September 2020
The first SRF Rail Segment will include highlights of the Transforming Rail in Virginia initiative to expand rail reliability and service, creating a pathway to separate passenger and freight operations along the Richmond to Washington, D.C. corridor. It will advance goals for increased safety, efficiency, and capacity. The resulting projects will bring together federal, state, and regional partner funding, along with Amtrak support. It will include more efficient connections between the South East and North East Corridors, including a new Virginia-owned Long Bridge across the Potomac River, and will lay the foundation for faster Richmond to Raleigh service through acquisition of the abandoned S-Line from Petersburg, Virginia into North Carolina.
Jennifer Mitchell, Virginia DRPT Director 
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